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Colore Led:
Disegno tecnico
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Kit for the relamping of street lanterns consisting of: - Shaped support produced with a high-precision robotic system in aluminum alloy suitable for heat dissipation, painted with material resistant to heat and corrosive and polluting atmospheric agents - Thermo heat dissipation system - convection made of anodized aluminum alloy with preventive phosphochromatation process - Use of high light output Chip On Board led module with reduced thermal resistance up to 40% (for a substantial decrease in luminous decay) reduction of chromatic variation compliant with ellipse 3.step MacAdam- Innovative silicone Led optic, extra transparency, very low light absorption, high efficiency in light distribution, excellent optical-isotropic properties, no birefringence, high thermal stability and superior resistance to atmospheric agents. COB module led. Specify originaly article code of the product to be relamping for verification of realization