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Disegno tecnico
Caratteristiche generali

CL3W-RGB – Cobra LED 3W-RGB is a color changing module consisting of 3 high power LED full color. Each LED has inside 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue color for a total of 3W power, a narrow light beam lens and the necessary heat sink. The module is suitable for being mounted in most of our recessed spotlights and in several of our stainless steel or aluminium products for outdoor. The light control can be effected with ready-made programs, or programs to be personalized as desired. For this, we have created our art. GX760 which allows you to individually control from 1 to 6 modules at the same time, but by connecting the art. GX760 one to another, many number of modules can be controlled (See further explanations in the following pages).

0,150 GR